Elias Williams

Go Forth
Wander Back
St. Albans Trojans, 2014
St. Albans Trojans, 2014
St. Albans Lady Trojans, 2014
Coach Courtney and Jordan, 2014 
Coach Courtney is the head coach of the St. Albans Trojans. The Trojans are the Number one team in Queens of the Youth Footbal League. His son ,Jordan Jean-Joseph, plays starting quarterback for the Trojans.
Joanne and Cartier, 2014
Charlie, 2014
Jesse, 2014
Tony, 2014
I met Tony, who was looking cooler than a AC, at St. Albans Park. This is where he likes to relax during the summer. For him, the best thing about the park is living right across the street from it. We spent an hour talking about Go-carts, everything wrong with my generation and the digital age’s effect on people.
Addisleigh Park, 2014
Linden Blvd, 2014
Addisleigh Park, 2014